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Your go-to resource for jumpstarting and growing your business coaching practice

“We are influencers of influencers who are using our experience, knowledge and insights to create a movement of change in our culture.”
~ Karl Diffenderfer, The Coaches Coach & Founder

The Solution

Higher Impact is here to help you jumpstart your coaching career.

Building a successful coaching practice starts here! Our system will:

  • Show you how to get leads
  • Teach you how to close high-paying leads
  • Ensure you get results for your clients
  • Build a 6-figure income for your coaching practice in one year
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Your New Coaching System Solution

INTRODUCING: The Higher Impact Turnkey Coaching System

Grow your coaching practice with a suite of premier business coaching software, proven systems, and dedicated support from seasoned coaches​

About Higher Impact Consulting

For the past decade, Karl has been helping Kingdom-minded business owners eliminate the feeling of being trapped and alone in their business by making more, working less, and building a lasting legacy. He accelerates their growth by helping them work ON their business instead of IN their business.

Now, Karl has a primary focus on coaching the coaches. He is growing a team of 127 coaches with two key goals:
  • Teach business owners how to live out their Kingdom calling while building a high-performing, successful business.
  • Teaching coaches how to build a 6 digit coaching practice.
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TurnKey Coaching System Testimonials

A Picture Of Taylor Arney, An Executive Business Coach That Was Taught By Turnkey Coaching Systems

“The Turnkey Coaching System is a must-have tool for my toolbox. No business analyst, marketing strategist or coach should be without it. The community support alone is worth every penny. I’m so grateful I found it when I did!”

Taylor Arney, Executive Business Coach

A Picture Of Eric Dombach, Founder Of Coaches Coach

“Karl Diffenderfer is a uniquely gifted business coach as he combines the wisdom gained from many years in the trenches running small businesses with his deep, zealous commitment to faith. You will do well to listen and learn from his approach to business and, more importantly, his approach to life, faith, marriage, and family!”

Eric Dombach, Founder of Coaches Coach

Randy | Turnkey Coaching System | Higher Impact

“It has been a pleasure of mine to be a part of Higher Impact Coaching for 5 years… I’ve not only learned a great deal, but I’ve had the opportunity of coaching quite a number of other people who are not only clients of mine, but also coaches that I’ve work with as well.”

Randy Miller, Business & Life Coach

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Your Plan to become a successful coach

Learn how to grow a 6-figure coaching practice with Higher Impact

Founder Of Turnkey Coaching System, Karl Diffenderfer, With His Book &Quot;How To Build A 6-Digit Business Coaching Practice&Quot;
Karl Diffenderfer
Author & Award Winning Coach of Coaches

How to Build a 6-Digit Business Coaching Practice!

Download this FREE resource to get a glimpse under the hood of a successful turnkey business coaching system. To make a healthy profit, you need to attract the right clients. This guide provides proven methods that will help you find those clients!