Higher Impact’s Turnkey Coaching System

A coaching system that takes you from success to significance

Accelerate to a thriving six-figure executive business coach while having more freedom and making a higher impact.

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Accelerate Your Coaching Startup

Grow your six-figure executive business coaching practice

You’re not guaranteed anything, but the Higher Impact Turnkey Coaching System sets you up for success.
  • Find a business over $100K hidden profit in just 45 minutes without spending a dime on marketing or advertising.
  • Determine your high-end coaching fees before working with a new client.
  • Earn 4x more money by leveraging time through a group coaching program.
  • Convert prospects using proprietary tools and online simulators
  • Provide your clients with digital marketing insights
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Your Plan of Action

Tired of feeling stuck?

Has success left you feeling insignificant?

The Higher Impact Turnkey Coaching System sets you up with a clear plan to becoming a thriving executive business coach. With your effort and focus, the Turnkey Coaching system will give you results that are worth the hard work.

Using the Higher Impact Turnkey Coaching System you’ll have…
  • A successful & significant coaching practice with predictable revenue
  • Help others improve their lives with proven tools and technology
  • More flexibility to spend your time on the things that are important to you
  • More time to give back to your community, church, etc.
  • A more balanced and fulfilling life. What more could you want?
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What does it mean to be a coach?

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Make Your Higher Impact | Turnkey Coaching System | Higher Impact
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Who makes a good coach

Do you have what it takes to be a coach?

Higher Impact Coaches Are...
  • High Performing Business leaders who want to make a higher impact or transition to a more fulfilling and flexible career
  • Business-minded Pastors / Ministry leaders wanting to connect to their business community or supplement their income
  • Current Coaches Looking to Grow who are stuck trying to grow their practice and connect with new prospects
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“It’s not a get rich quick program, it’s a get rich hard program”

Randy Miller
Higher Impact Coach

Higher Impact’s Turnkey System will require your hard work, creativity, and dedication — BUT, the results are worth the work. It is possible to build a 6-figure coaching business with only 10-12 impactful clients.

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What You Get With The Turnkey System

EVERYTHING you need to become a thriving coach

The Higher Impact Approach:
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1) training

Training to Thrive

You will start quickly with several series of onboarding, training, and homework to set you up for booking and coaching your first clients.

Training - What to expect
  • New coach orientation that over 1,000 coaches have successfully completed
  • Role-play sessions with Master Level Coaches to hone your skills
  • Over 35 hours of coursework and testing
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2) Tools & Tech

Coaching & Growing

You will have hundreds of tools to impactfully coach your new clients. Stay organized and efficient with coaching software & marketing tools.

Tools - What to expect
  • Profit Acceleration Software showing your client 100K of hidden profit in less than an hour
  • Thousands of time-tested training resources
  • Marketing lead magnets with drip funnel campaigns
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3) Support

Your Guide & Partners

From the very beginning you will have access to support from an experienced team of coaches.

You won’t be alone.

Support - What to expect
  • Weekly Learning & Accountability Coaching Calls
  • Gain insights from coaches that are in the top 4% of coaches in the world
  • A step-by-step system to ensure fast results

Watch – Randy Miller TurnKey Coaching System Testimonial

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What Higher Impact Coaches are saying…

Make Your Higher Impact | Turnkey Coaching System | Higher Impact
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Choosing A Plan That’s Right For You.



This plan includes all the resources, training, systems, authorship program and support you need to start as a coach. This plan works great for a coach just starting or for the established coach who wants to easily hit 6 digits.

  • Every resource you need to run an effective coaching program
  • Marketing automation systems
  • Websites with subscription model and lead magnets
  • E-Learning Marketing System with virtual MBA training
  • Authorship program that establishes you as a credible author
  • Profit Acceleration Software showing how to “find your fee” with your clients
  • All training and support you need to scale up quickly
  • 100K training – find any business 100K in less than 45 minutes
  • Weekly coaching training covering ALL topics needed to be successful in coaching



This plan includes everything in the platinum plan but also includes a full operating system to be used with business owners. You will also be included in high level marketing systems that set you apart.

  • Everything in the Platinum program
  • Coaches toolkit with over 125 tools
  • Business operating system to create control and stability for your client
  • Administrative support team
  • Social media management
  • Marketing support team
  • All software & technical systems done for you
  • Online network with mobile app that has 100’s of entrepreneurs from all over the globe
  • CEO group coaching platform
  • Podcast Platform
  • Over 18,000 additional training resources
  • Additional coach training only available in Platinum plus level coaching
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3-Step Get Started Process

Are you the right person to become a coach?

Coaching is not for everyone. Take the following steps to walk through the qualification process:

Step 1: Watch Video

Watch a video about what makes a successful coach and explore if you align with Higher Impact’s values and vision

Step 2: Application

Complete the application form and receive an introduction email from Coach Karl

Step 3: Q&A Session

Sit down one-on-one with a Certified Master Coach for 45-60 minutes to have all your questions answered.

Only 4% of coaches ever hit 6 digits - Are you ready see how?

Founder Of Turnkey Coaching System, Karl Diffenderfer, With His Book &Quot;How To Build A 6-Digit Business Coaching Practice&Quot;

Karl Diffenderfer
Author & Award Winning Coach of Coaches

How to Build a 6-Digit Business Coaching Practice!

Download this FREE resource to get a glimpse under the hood of a successful turnkey business coaching system. To make a healthy profit you need to attract the right clients. This guide has proven methods that will help you find those clients!