Founder Of Turnkey Coaching System, Karl Diffenderfer, With His Book &Quot;How To Build A 6-Digit Business Coaching Practice&Quot;

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Building a 6-Figure Coaching Practice

Learn the Secrets to Building a Successful Coaching Practice and Finding the Right Clients

If you have valuable knowledge in a niche that is in demand, you can make a significant income as a business coach. Get a glimpse under the hood of a successful turnkey business coaching system.

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Unlock the secrets to starting and building a successful business coaching practice with Higher Impact’s comprehensive FREE guide. Learn the essential mindset and proven steps to make your coaching business thrive.

Here’s What You’ll Gain Through This eBook:

  • Discover the unexpected benefits of starting a coaching business
  • Develop the growth mindset of a successful business coach
  • Learn the essential steps for building a thriving coaching practice
  • Master the art of effective delivery of business coaching
  • Establish a professional website that attracts and converts your ideal clients
  • Attract and acquire a steady network of clients with a detailed action plan
  • Explore the different types of coaching services you can provide to clients
  • Identify the best platforms and tools to use for business coaching
  • Uncover the insider secrets of successful coaches and apply their best practices

About Higher Impact

The Higher Impact Turnkey Coaching System helps you jump-start your coaching career by providing you with training, tools and tech, and support that will accelerate your journey. Your hard work will be worth the reward when you use Higher Impact to build a 6-figure coaching business with only 10-12 impactful clients.