art of self-promotion

How to Get Ahead Using Self-Promotion

Did you know that we all self-promote? Perhaps you can think of a few people who are really, really good at self-promotion. Perhaps you can think of a few reasons NOT to self-promote. However, when done correctly and tastefully, you can WIN more business, gain referral partners, and consistently reach your goals.

Folks who have mastered the art of natural self-promotion have adopted behaviors that build both their character and their businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of these aspects of successful self-promoters:

  1. Self-promoters surround themselves with the right people.
  2. There is a saying that you become like the five people you spend the most time with. Healthy self-promoters ask themselves good questions like, “who will hold me accountable to excellence?”, “who do I need to meet that will make a difference in my growth and success?”, “who do I know that can introduce me to my target audience?”. It is likely that you will have to go beyond your existing network to meet the right people to help you grow your business.

  3. Self-promoters are aware of their value and know how to show it.
  4. They set themselves apart from the competition and are able to show HOW they are different from their competitors. They are able to show the VALUE they bring to their customers, vendors, referral partners, and to their community. The best self-promoters leave a lasting positive impression, both in how they look and what they say. They become unforgettable to the people they interact with.

  5. Self-promoters are prepared.
  6. They have a business card readily available. They can verbalize their product or service in a meaningful way in 30 seconds or less. They are able to connect people they meet with other people for services they don’t provide.

  7. Additionally, self-promoters understand that repetition is important.
  8. They follow up with the folks they meet. They reach out to past clients and people they’ve interacted with. They ask for referrals directly.

    Self-promoters understand that the biggest key to success lies in the truth of the old adage:
    the fortune is in the follow up.

What can you do to enhance your skill at being an effective self-promoter?

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