Educate Your Customers

Why do you need to educate your customers? While many businesses focus on attracting new customers, it’s actually extremely profitable to retain existing and past customers. Chances are, you’ve spent time bonding with and building rapport with your current and past customers.

Educating these customers typically results in repeat sales as customers learn more about the products and services you provide. It’s typically less time consuming to continue the conversations you have with customers who already know you versus those who are new to you. This isn’t to say that you should never work towards new customers. However, nurturing existing customers is crucial to the overall success of your business growth and achieving your sales goals. Additionally, repeat customers are more likely to leave positive reviews online, talk to their friends and colleagues about your products or services, and are more likely to make introductions and connections on your behalf.

Now that we understand the WHY, let’s discuss the HOW to nurture past and current customers.

  1. Stay in contact:
  2. This means by phone, email, e-newsletter, social media, in person, and/or by writing and mailing physical thank you notes when your customers make a purchase.

  3. Provide post-purchase assurance:
  4. This means you must follow up with each and every customer after each purchase. Provide exceptional customer support, answer their questions, and assure them that they can reach out anytime. While it may seem trivial and create a bit of extra work, that hand-written thank you card can go a long way in ensuring satisfied, happy, and lifelong customers.

  5. Provide opportunities for discounts and guarantees:
  6. Make sure your customers are in the loop with what products and services you are providing as well as your best deals when they arise. If applicable, create a club to reward loyal customers or provide a preferred pricing option for your services.

  7. Integrity means people before profits:
  8. Use best business practices combined with integrity and honesty, and give each customer dignity. Traits like these build trust with your customers who will, in turn, feel confident about buying from you.

Remember, you started your business to solve a problem that your customer has or to enhance the lives of your customers. In your interactions with both current and potential customers, they should feel confident that you are doing what you say you will do. Marketing efforts should be education-centric to help the customer understand how you will help them and better their lives. With your focus on integrity and education, you will be rewarded with customer loyalty, brand position, and a vibrant community.

If you or your sales team is exhausted, struggling, or simply want to increase their sales without increasing the marketing spend, reach out to Coach Karl to book your individual or group sales training session!